Lumbar/ Low Back Pain – Carrollton TX
Dr. James Allen Guess provides effective treatment options for relieving lumbar/low back pain in Carrolton TX. The spine specialist is renowned for performing minimally invasive spine surgery for treating a range of spine conditions including lumbar pain, disc herniations, fractures and impact injuries.

Lumbar Pain

The lumbar is the lower back region of the human body mainly between the rib cage and the pelvis. The lumbar area is particularly vulnerable to a variety of conditions which can be a cause for pain and discomfort. Ranging from minor issues which heal naturally in a matter of weeks to major problems which require invasive surgery, there can be a vast array of problems that affect the lumbar area. A case of lumbar pain can be seriously debilitating by limiting your movement, causing pain and negatively affecting your lifestyle. Therefore it is important that you get prompt orthopedic treatment for your lumbar pain to get swift and appropriate recovery.

Causes of Lumbar Pain

According to the spine specialist, there are many factors which can contribute to lumbar/low back pain. Some of the more frequently seen ones are –

  • Over-activity of muscles and repetitive stress are two of the major reasons behind lumbar pain. Stressful activity which occurs frequently has a tendency to stretch and strain muscles and ligament fibers in the lower back region, particularly if the activity involves intense use of the lower back.
  • Pain can be accompanied by stiffness and soreness leading to a limited range of motion. These conditions are minor in the beginning and go away after a few days of rest. However, subsequent stress can lead to more serious conditions.
  • More serious causes deal with conditions of spine and the spinal disc. These can happen due to age or damage due to an impact. Small tears can occur along the outer edge of the discs, causing pain. There can also be cases of slipped or herniated discs which traumatize the delicate spinal nerve.     
  • With advancement of age, vertebral discs can begin to wear away. This degeneration can also be a major cause behind lumbar pain. Osteoarthritis is known to be a causative factor in disc degeneration.
  • Another condition related to age is where the vertebrae lose their stability and move too much, and can even slide on top of one another. This condition is called Degenerative Spondylolisthesis.
  • One of the serious conditions that contribute to lumbar pain is Spinal Stenosis. In this condition, the space surrounding the spinal cord gets constricted and there is pressure on the cord and the spinal nerves.

Treatment for Lumbar Pain

For cases of lumbar pain, it is imperative to consult a spine specialist and get immediate orthopedic treatment so as to correctly treat the condition responsible for it. Generally, orthopedic treatment for lumbar pain starts with the correct diagnosis of the causative factors. For this purpose, the spine surgeon uses a variety of means like physical examination, specific maneuvering, movement tests and a host of diagnostic and imaging tests of the low back. When the condition has been accurately identified and affected areas have been pinpointed, the spine doctor can commence with the treatment.

For less severe cases, the orthopedic doctor may recommend a long period of rest along with the use of ice and heat packs. This line of treatment can be further aided by the modification of certain activities and postures. If the low back pain experienced is substantial, the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be of great help. Physical therapy consisting of different kinds of exercise can also be beneficial. For problems which need immediate treatment, spine surgery procedures are the best option.

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